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PhD studentship in Digital Humanities

The Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King’s College London, is very pleased to announce the availability of a studentship for its PhD in Digital Humanities, to commence October 2006. Applications must be received by 7 April, so almost immediate … Continue reading

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Zeus remembers Cronos

from “Steve Jobs’ Best Quotes” — “Nobody has tried to swallow us since I’ve been here. I think they are afraid of how we would taste.” — Apple shareholder meeting, April 22, 1998

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Student-Generated Timelines

from Academic Commons Student-Generated Timelines In Teaching and Technology Malcolm Brown from Darmouth’s Academic Computing Services polled a list I am on, looking for software to allow students to generate timelines. Owen Ellard from Mt. Holyoke pointed him to the … Continue reading

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Robot guide for museum visitors

(Seen at Rogueclassicism) Robot guide for museum visitors Cicerobot to steer tourists round Agrigento museum (ANSA) – Palermo, March 21 A flaming-red robot will soon be guiding tourists round a Sicilian archaeological collection . The 1.5-metre-high robot, named Cicerobot by … Continue reading

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Ἐποποῖ !

Rob Dyer’s copiously annotated translation of a remarkable Suda entry (epsilon 2807: epopoi) has now received editorial support from SOL Senior Editor David Whitehead. From the start of the notes: This delightful collection of shouts and ‘mimic words’ (bird cries … Continue reading

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Getting Data into Google Earth using Arc2Earth

Brian Flood has a post on the apparently straightforward task of presenting GIS data through Google Earth.

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“the look, feel, and functionality of Microsoft Word, in a completely web-based AJAX platform”

Michael Robertson intends to offer six new Ajax applications, one each week, via his site.  He’s begun with a new word processor, ajaxWrite.

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“some confuse praise for better DRM with praise for DRM”

Lawrence Lessig comments on Sun’s new openDRM scheme.

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The March 2006 issue of Scientific American includes: The Elusive Goal of Machine Translation Statistical methods hold the promise of moving computerized translation out of the doldrums By Gary Stix (subscription only, or buy the print version)

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DRHA conference 2006

Digital Resources in the Humanities And Arts * *  Conference 2006  * * Dartington College of Arts, UK September 3-6, 2006 for further details see and

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EpiDoc Development Sprint

During the week of 20-24 March, the Centre for Computing in the Humanities at King’s College (London) is playing host to a group of EpiDoc practitioners and Text Encoding Initiative experts for the purpose of an “EpiDoc Development Sprint.” This … Continue reading

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Most convincing endorsement of Creative Commons I have seen

This week’s New Scientist has an interview with Cameron Sinclair, award-winning architect, founder of Architecture for Humanity, and winner of the Technology Entertainment Design conference award, who plans to spend the $100 000 prize building an open source databank of … Continue reading

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Nature special on the future of scientific computing

At every humanities computing-related meeting I’ve been to over the past year, someone exhorts us to “have a good look at what the scientists are doing.” Nature magazine has just published a special edition with useful articles towards that end: … Continue reading

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Virtual Humanities Lab

Geoff Rockwell notes the arrival of Vika Zafrin’s NEH-funded Virtual Humanities Lab at Brown, an interface for the display, annotation, and discussion of semantically encoded texts.

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DMCA: Circumventing Competition

Circumventing Competition: The Perverse Consequences of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act by Timothy B. Lee Executive Summary The courts have a proven track record of fashioning balanced remedies for the copyright challenges created by new technologies. But when Congress passed … Continue reading

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