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Surprising History of Copyright

This Thursday, 27 July 2006, Karl Fogel (of Google) is scheduled to chair a session at OSCON entitled: The (Surprising) History of Copyright, and What It Means for Open Source. You can view the abstract online, whence the following: Much … Continue reading

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Preservation Watch Report

Via the JISC-Repositories list comes notice of a report summarizing some current initiatives in digital preservation. This is one of a growing list of reports produced by the Jorum Repository Service.

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British Library expresses concern about the impact of DRMs on access, fair dealing and digital preservation

From the British Library comes an interesting press release: The British Library’s Chief Executive this week warned of some of the unintended consequences of the widespread adoption of Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems and urged policymakers to balance the rights … Continue reading

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Current hypertext model only meant to be temporary

In an interesting letter in the New Scientist (22 July 2006,, Ted Nelson, ‘inventor’ of the term hypertext, looks back at a project designing a hypertext system at Brown University in the 1960s. He decries the currently existing hypertext … Continue reading

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U.S. NEH Announces ‘Digital Humanities Initiative’

NEH has launched a new digital humanities initiative aimed at supporting projects that utilize or study the impact of digital technology … NEH is interested in fostering the growth of digital humanities and lending support to a wide variety of … Continue reading

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Classics-l gets a blog (and feeds)

“Home of the Classics Discussion List” The blog : (rss and atom feeds prominently linked) Noted thereupon: link to an RSS feed for the listserv itself

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Open Access on the ANE-2 List

A subscriber to the ANE-2 List has reposted there, with permission, an e-circular attributed to the M S Swaminathan Research Foundation [MSSRF] (Chennai, India) which calls for the: [proactive promotion] of ‘open access’ to scientific and scholarly literature so even … Continue reading

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Aristarchos is a freeware program that allows the user to search for abbreviations commonly used for periodicals, series and monographs in archaeology.

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The “dread fear”

Would that everyone were as cool-headed about the strengths and weaknesses of Wikipedia as Roy Rosenzweig. But as Infocult’s Bryan Alexander comments today on a Washington Post article: “In educational settings, I’m still getting signals that the Wikipedia is a … Continue reading

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Can History Be Open Source?

The Center for History and New Media at George Mason University has recently posted to the web a long and thoughtful article by Roy Rosenzweig entitled “Can History be Open Source? Wikipedia and the Future of the Past.” It was … Continue reading

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Horologium Ronaldi

The sundial of Augustus has now been updated.

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Fair Use Day

So, only 364 days left until the next Fair Use Day! (Thanks for the tip, Tom.)

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Sagalassos excavations and Google Earth

Troels Kristensen (Towards an Archaeology of Iconoclasm) has a post about resumption of the excavations at Sagalassos and the presentation of that site in Google Earth. The latter is very nicely done, with a map overlay, geophysical map, and pointers … Continue reading

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Digital Resources in the Humanities and Arts UK Conference 2006

The programme for the 2006 UK DRHA conference is now available: Sunday September 3rd to Wednesday September 6th, 2006 REGISTRATION: DRHA2006 will feature: a.. Keynote by Katherine Hayles, author of “Now We Are Posthuman”, “Writing Machines” and “My … Continue reading

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Four kinds of search for Google Books

Yesterday the Inside Google Book Search blog offered details concerning The four ways you’ll see books in Google Book Search.

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