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iRex unveils its iLiad eBook reader

Lots to like, including the name.

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Survival of the Fittest – open source and sustainability

“Sustainability” is really just another word for survival. Open source projects either survive or they do not. But what makes one project survive and another die? And does the answer matter? Open Source and Sustainability The answer *does* matter. … Continue reading

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Ajax tutorials

From Michael Calore’s Monkey Bites blog at Wired: A Heap of Ajax Tutorials Topic: Web 2.0 Superstar Max Kiesler has collected a list of thirty Ajax tutorials. He’s rounded up these free online tutorials for all levels of Ajax development. … Continue reading

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“What do you do with a million books?”

The March 2006 issue of D-Lib Magazine ( is now available.  This is a special issue on the theme of “Digital Library Evolution” with guest editor, Gregory Crane, Tufts University. The articles include: What Do You Do with a Million … Continue reading

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Additions to neo-Latin colloquia texts

We have added two additional authors to the Neo-Latin Colloquia Project: Franciscus Cervantes de Salazar (1514?-1575), Ad Exercitia Linguae Latinae Dialogi Petrus Popo, Colloquia de Scholis Herbipolensibus Moreover, the hopper now provides access to portions of these texts that were … Continue reading

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LibriVox: free public domain audiobooks

If you’re too cheap to subscribe to, and you’re about to take a long drive or plane ride, and you want something to listen to, there’s LibriVox.   The catalog shows completed books, short works (including some poetry), and works … Continue reading

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False multiples in the TLG Canon

The TLG Canon assigns two work numbers to the Lexicon of Hesychius, since it took the first half (4085.002) from Latte’s edition, the second half (4085.003) from that of Schmidt.  Same thing happens with the Geographia of Ptolemy (0363.009, 0363.014).  … Continue reading

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Exporting Censorship

From an NYT op-ed by Xeni Jardin: If American companies are already obligated to disclose the sale of bombs and guns to repressive regimes, why not censorware?

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Byzantine lexicography in Wikipedia

Just noticed the rather meaty and link-rich entry on the Suda in Wikipedia, which also links externally to the SOL.

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Another tool for collaboration

Google buys Writely, a browser-based word processor. Update: Ars Technica and The Register have more on this.

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On learning from a podcast

Reflections concerning podcasts and education from Bryan Alexander.

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Berkeley IP course via podcasts

Samuelson’s course at Berkeley on Law 278.31 Technology and Intellectual Property in Law now comes in a series of podcasts.  “If you are interested in the basics of copyright law from one of the best in the country, it is quite … Continue reading

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