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A new Blog: Digging Digitally

Eric Kansa of The Alexandria Archive Initiative, has initiated a new blog Digging Digitally: Archaeology, data sharing, digitally enabled research and education on behelf of the Digital Data Interest Group of the SAA. “DDIG members can use this blog to … Continue reading

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Pamphlet on web services

from Current Cites: Breeding, Marshall. Web Services and the Service-Oriented Architecture Chicago, IL: ALA TechSource, 2006. – The advent of XML and protocols such as the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) which uses it are transforming the way our computer … Continue reading

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FRPAA 2006

From Current Cites: Sternstein, Aliya. “Bill Demands Free Public Access to Science Reports” Federal Computer Week 20(15)(15 May 2006): 56. – It only makes sense, right? Taxpayers should have free access to the science research that they’ve paid for. Well, … Continue reading

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Arxiv includes some research on matters related to the ancient world

Alun Salt at blogographos notes the presence of certain academic papers on classics-related topics in the physicists’ OA repository.

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Homeric Catalogue of Ships in Google Earth

Bret Mulligan sends word that he has begun a set of placemarks for the major contingents named in the Homeric Catalogue of Ships (Iliad, II.494-760).

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A Don’s Life

Alun Salt at Blogographos alerts to a new blog by Mary Beard: A Don’s Life — Mary Beard on Culture Ancient and Modern

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Update: Aegean Bronze Age in Google Earth

I’ve added many more placemarks and grouped them by category (e.g. palaces, peak sanctuaries, Cycladic sites) in subfolders which may be turned on or off (depending on what you want to see) in the left panel of the Google Earth … Continue reading

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Picasa for Linux

Google releases a version of its image managment system for Linux.

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Pottery processing

Posted at the request of Peter Pavúk: Dear friends and colleagues. We would like to invite speakers for our joint session on modern approaches to pottery processing. For full abstract check out the following link, please, but do not hesitate … Continue reading

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What is computer literacy?

Discussion started in Slashdot today: By Cliff on where’s-the-on-switch rbannon asks: “Computer literacy is becoming an increasingly used term in education, and more and more schools are being asked to set computer literacy goals for their students. Unfortunately for too … Continue reading

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Minoan Crete in Google Earth

Today I spent some time associating placemarks for Minoan sites with scholarly resources. The file could obviously be developed much further but even now it may have some utility. I posted it to the Google Earth Community forum, whence it … Continue reading

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Historical placemarks in Google Earth

Browsing through the message board for the Google Earth Community shows that various enthusiasts have been busily creating themed sets of placemarks. Ancient Rome in 51 annotated placemarks Hadrian’s Villa, details of roman imperial palace 40 roman amphitheatres in high … Continue reading

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Jane Austen’s Life and Works

An interesting example of Google Earth put to use for literary history.

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Baidu Baike

from a CHE piece on a rip-off of Wikipedia in China: It’s worth noting that China’s censorship policies make it virtually impossible for a true open-source encyclopedia to exist.

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Open Access & Anti-élitism

From Academic Commons: Michael Carroll, Law Professor at Villanova University School of Law , Creative Commons Board Member, and Blogger, turns up the heat in the on-going debate over pending federal legislation that would force open access to research supported … Continue reading

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