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Cataloguing Open Access Materials Workshop

The Combined Classics Library and Institute of Classical Studies, University of London, held a one-day workshop on Thursday July 11, 2019, related to the Cataloguing Open Access Classics Serials (COACS) project, which is now moving from journals to a focus … Continue reading

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OAPEN-UK focus groups, first report

The JISC-funded OAPEN-UK (Open Access Publishing in European Networks) project have published a report on the first round of focus groups, held in the British Library late last year. Various groups of stakeholders (in this case academics who author research … Continue reading

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The Digital Archimedes Palimpsest Released

Very exciting news – the complete dataset of the Archimedes Palimpsest project (ten years in the making) has been released today. The official announcement is copied below, but I’d like to point out what I think it is that makes … Continue reading

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Article on PSWPC in LLC June 2008

David Pritchard, “Working Papers, Open Access, and Cyber-infrastructure in Classical Studies” Literary and Linguistic Computing 2008 23: 149-162; doi:10.1093/llc/fqn005. Princeton—Stanford Working Papers in Classics (PSWPC) is a web-based series of work-in-progress scripts by members of two leading departments of … Continue reading

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Scholarly legacy: an argument for open licensing now?

Back in November, Gabriel Bodard posted about the importance of attaching explicit licenses (or public domain declarations) to on-line works so as to clarify for users how they can, and can’t, use these works. A new post by Cathy Davidson … Continue reading

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Cultural Heritage and Open Access Licenses

The Eduserv Foundation has released a report on the use of Creative Commons, Creative Archive, and other open access licenses in the area of British heritage, ‘Snapshot study on the use of open content licences in the UK cultural heritage … Continue reading

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Academic publishers prepare for dirty war against Open Access

According to an article published in this week’s New Scientist (full article requires sub): An unexpected package arrived on my desk earlier this year. The sender did not give a name, and the return address was false. Inside were copies … Continue reading

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Collaborative article against perpetual copyright

Back in the middle of May, Lawrence Lessig posted a note on his blog pointing to a particularly idiotic op-ed in the NY Times that argued for perpetual copyright. He invited readers to write a response, on his Wiki. 25000 … Continue reading

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Creative Commons and research

A post on the Creative Commons blog draws together four articles on the value of Creative Commons licensing for newspapers, scientists, film students, and Wikipedia “SEOers” respectively. All are worth reading, but it is the article on scientists that is … Continue reading

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Fair use and blogs

This post seen in the Creative Commons blog is relevant to the discussion we had here a few weeks ago about copyright and blogs. What is the status of all these copy-n-pasted paragraphs below? Copyright and fair use in the … Continue reading

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