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Tough luck for Greek art!

From John Battelle’s Searchblog: Boing Boing has recently been added to a blacklist of “nudity” related sites run by the US-based company Secure Computing, resulting in its being banned in entire countries – like the UAE, as well as many … Continue reading

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More, better podcasts available

William du Cassé and Jessica McCormack have produced new podcasts for colloquia by Corderius (numbers 6-9 and 13-20). Access and subscription details are available at the site for the Neo-Latin Colloquia project. We’re learning: this batch sounds much better than … Continue reading

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Global grid for Big Bang research reaches milestone

A timely article (from Computer World) for those of us becoming interested in e-Science… FEBRUARY 16, 2006 (COMPUTERWORLD) – A huge 100,000-PC grid-computing network being built to help research the origin of the universe passed the third of four major … Continue reading

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Article about EDUCE linked from Wikipedia

Brent Seales alerts me to the fact that the Wikipedia article on Herculaneum now links to an article on the EDUCE project (down at the bottom).  The Herculaneum Society site also has lots of good links to recent news.

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CHS makes Andrew Sullivan’s blog

I noticed the Center for Hellenic Studies in the background behind the pro-Denmark rally pictured on Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish today.

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Google Scholar = Worldcat?

Christian DiCarlo, writing on local library search in the official Google blog, announces the “expansion” of Google Scholar‘s Library Search program to “help people around the world find works of their interest in local libraries.” What’s lurking behind? Google describes … Continue reading

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Death plus 70

Elizabeth Townsend Gard writes: January 1, 2006 brought a fresh new crop of unpublished works into the public domain.  Now, the unpublished works of anyone dead since 1935  are in the public domain.  17 USC 303(a). Here a a few … Continue reading

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On sending OA spatial data to Google Earth

Declan Butler, Virtual globes: The web-wide world, Nature, February 15, 2006. Google Earth is becoming a platform for OA geospatial data. Butler explores how scientists are using GE and how –because GE is free, fun, and spectacular– this science is … Continue reading

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“lawful until we change our mind”

Electronic Frontier Foundation has an amusing post today, in the finger-in-the-dike category: RIAA Says Ripping CDs to Your iPod is NOT Fair Use

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Guide to Podcast Directories

MediaShift offers a guided tour through the various major podcast directories.

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DRM and academic publishing (GROKLAW)

Roy Bixler, Digital Copyright Issues in Academic Publishing Bruce Barton, The tension between DRM and academic publishing (hat tip: Peter Gainsford)

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Getting going with Fedora

Writing to the JISC-Repositories list, Richard Green (manager of the RepoMMan Project at the University of Hull) announces “an early draft of a project deliverable that describes [their] work getting going with Fedora”: D-D4 Iterative Development of Fedora materials. Sorry, … Continue reading

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Authority vs. popularity

Recent new features on technorati have provoked Steve Rubel to ask — in the context of link counting and blog rankings — “What is authority?” People are answering …

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Tech-oriented Latin teacher needed for TV studio

From: Joan Jahnige Date: February 10, 2006 9:07:45 AM EST KET is actively seeking a Latin teacher. I am planning to retire after 15 fascinating years of teaching and learning. KET is looking for someone with a minimum of … Continue reading

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Folksonomy critique

Under the rubric of “Semantic Web for the Masses, by the Masses,” a discussion on the xml-dev list is exploring the possibilities and pitfalls of asynchronous/collaborative tagging of web-based content.

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