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Aristotle and the internet

From Tim Madigan, “Aristotle’s Email – Or, Friendship In The Cyber Age” (Philosophy Now): Often discussions of personal relationships in the Cyber Age dwell upon the negative ­– the superficial connections, the dangers of identity theft, and information overload. Aristotle … Continue reading

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Open Library

Adding this grandiose Open Library system to the Internet Archive strikes me as simply brilliant. In this case “fully open” is defined as “a product of the people: letting them create and curate its catalog, contribute to its content, participate … Continue reading

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Slowly, slowly

It’s a shame the JPEG 2000 bandwagon has been creeping along at such a slow pace, but this seems like good news from the LOC.

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Via DigitalKoans, a report on new open source OCR software.  Now — someone get busy and train it to read polytonic ancient Greek texts accurately …

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I hadn’t seen that word before, but these are videos associated with the Roman art exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, with an RSS feed for keeping up with the newest ones.

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67 percent

This topic has come up before and I imagine the trend will continue: Colleges Leave E-Mail to Google and Microsoft Seattle–“Should our university even be in the e-mail business?” Wendy Woodward King found herself asking last year. Her answer, the … Continue reading

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SSRN does Classics: old wine in new wineskins?

I always find myself wanting humanists to think about using the net for more than “let’s just do what we’ve always done, only on line now” (the BMCR syndrome, if you will). But still this expansion of SSRN into Classics … Continue reading

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In-house machine translation at Google

from Google Blogoscoped: Google switched to a new translation system for the remaining language pairs on the Google Translator which were so far provided by Systran. The translator help files don’t mention this yet, but it might be possible that … Continue reading

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No more old wine in new wineskins

Tom Elliott has put out a new call for papers that looks good, “The Publication and Study of Inscriptions in the Age of the Computer.”

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Joint Library Digital Classics accessions

The Joint Library of the Hellenic and Roman Societies and the Institute of Classical Studies has a new blog which will contains updates to, among other things, library news, accommodation and shelving issues, and major accessions. In addition, items of … Continue reading

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Alan Somerstein, helped by several research assistants, has directed a substantive new site with ancillary discussions focused on the oath in ancient Greece. Careful definition of the phenomenon, a database of over 3700 occurrences, and a spreadsheet of sources for … Continue reading

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Multiverse & Sketchup: Doom of Second Life?

from Shawn Graham’s Electric Archaeology: From an archaeological point of view, creating 3d representations of a site using Sketchup, and then moving that with the terrain into an online world, with the associated annotations etc could really be revolutionary – … Continue reading

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New Plato translations, under CC license

Cathal Woods, philosophy professor at Virginia Wesleyan University, writes: together with a student, i have prepared new translations of plato’s euthyphro, apology (which we’re calling “socrates’ defense”), crito, and the death scene from phaedo. they’re free to all under a … Continue reading

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Fitzpatrick on CommentPress

from Kathleen Fitzpatrick, “CommentPress: New (Social) Structures for New (Networked) Texts,” Journal of Electronic Publishing, Fall 2007: … CommentPress demonstrates the fruitfulness of reimagining the technologies of electronic publishing in service to the social interconnections of authors and readers. The … Continue reading

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Roy Rosenzweig (1950-2007)

For some reason I never had a chance to meet Roy Rosenzweig in person, but I appreciated his scholarship, communicated with him by email a couple of times to discuss wikipedia, and heard lots about him from his admirers, of … Continue reading

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