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On avoiding death-by-PowerPoint

Just enountered this engaging blog: Presentation Zen.

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Google Book Search grants some PDF downloads

from ars technica: Google went ahead and did it. Books no longer in copyright are now available for download from the Google Book Search site. If you’re looking for something tasty, might we recommend an early English translation of Montaigne’s … Continue reading

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Interesting announcement by the NEH today

Part of a message that came around entitled 2006 Changes to Collaborative Research and Scholarly Editions Guidelines: “In keeping with the goals of the NEH Digital Humanities Initiative (see CURRENT SPECIAL INITIATIVES below), the Scholarly Editions Program requires that applicants … Continue reading

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EDUCE funded by NSF

The National Science Foundation has just announced a three-year award for a total of $1.2m to the team of Brent Seales (PI), Joseph Gray (co-PI), James Griffioen (co-PI), and Ross Scaife (co-PI) for EDUCE: Enhanced Digital Unwrapping for Conservation and … Continue reading

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Chris Francese reading Latin aloud

Chris Francese has posted some well-made readings of Latin poetry on a server at Dickinson College. (hat-tip Rogueclassicism)

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When is a wiki not a wiki?

Thoughts on impending changes at Wikipedia.

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Churning through

In a must-read article, the CHE reports details of the Google contract with the U of C libraries. Among other things, it seems as if the goal is to scan as many as 3000 books per day. So — will … Continue reading

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GE helps in planned move of Ramses II

Nothing too earth-shattering here, perhaps, but I’ve always been oddly fascinated by the sight of very large objects being moved carefully through urban landscapes.

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Professors, Start Your Blogs

Dan Cohen’s blog entries at Digital Humanities are few but roses.  Here’s yet another great post.  An excerpt: When I was in graduate school, the Russian historian Paul Bushkovitch once told me that the key to being a successful scholar … Continue reading

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Five Weeks to a Social Library

This sounds really cool.

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Site for Archimedes Palimpsest

The Archimedes Palimpsest, much in the news lately, has an informative web site that describes some of the technologies being applied, significance of the work, and so forth.

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3D Egyptian Archaeology in Second Life

Some very nice 3D recreations of Egyptian buildings and artifacts have been built and showcased in the Themiskyra land in Second Life (the user-led MMORPG). See a Flickr gallery of some of the objects at or teleport straight to … Continue reading

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Google’s Writely now available (again)

from Ars Technica: Editing is straightforward enough, and not noticeably different from working in good old MS Word or OpenOffice. Tables, images, the ususal lineup of fonts—it’s all there. The right-click menu tends to be obscured by the browser’s equivalent. … Continue reading

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MuGeum: Roman Forum and Vicinity

A MuGeum is a museum of places that are described by their geographic coordinates (latitude, longitude and altitude). A MuGeum can span any distance. A MuGeum may deal with one specific historic event (such as a discovery or a battle), … Continue reading

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From Infocult: A recent Wired article makes the case for “crowdsourcing,” the practice of getting people from elsewhere to help you with a project.  It’s different from open source, in that outsiders aren’t contributing code, but ideas or media.

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