Historical placemarks in Google Earth

Browsing through the message board for the Google Earth Community shows that various enthusiasts have been busily creating themed sets of placemarks.

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  1. Hi all at Stoa.

    Yes, but how does one use this stuff?? Would it be possible to do a quick post for those who see your increasingly frequent posts on this stuff but have no idea how to utilise it?

    I posted a similar question a little while back but I think the comment was moderated or something.

  2. filologanoga says:

    I second the above. “Historical” Google Earth seemingly has enormous potential, and interest, but your posts have been quite short on explanations. Somebody who is just thinking about getting into something new would appreciate the information.

  3. Jim says:

    Well, one thing you can do is save them and transfer them into PowerPoint lectures….zoom in to the image you want, go to FILE, click on Save Image and save it to your computer as a JPEG image….you can then transfer into a PowerPoint and resize to your needs….I tried it direct from GoogleEarth and it gave me bunches of code, but do it this way and you can do, for an example, a talk on Roman amphitheatres. Just credit Google- their logo will be in the pic anyway……

    Very cool, actually!

  4. Pompilos says:

    You can add this one to the list: the march of the Ten Tousand to Cunaxa (Anabasis book 1). http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/showthreaded.php/Cat/0/Number/426278/an/0/page/0#426278

  5. Pompilos says:

    And this other one: The Greco Persian Wars, in Spanish. Both were constructed by me to teach at my classroom. Google Earth has an impressive power, with no similarities in ancient illustrated maps.

  6. Gerald says:

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