Digital Classicist London 2024 programme

The programme for Digital Classicist London seminar 2024 is now up. The seminar takes place on Fridays in late June and throughout July. Two seminars are online only; three take place in the Senate House MakerSpace and are also live-streamed. YouTube links for all are included below. All seminars are at 17:00 BST except for July 5, which starts half an hour later. Advancing booking is required for in-person seminars.

  • Fri, June 28, 2024. Jaclyn Neel (Carleton University), Rome from the Ground Up: Romulus and Remus on YouTube. (Online only) (Youtube)
  • Fri, July 5, 2024: 17:30. Chiara Palladino (Furman University), Representing ancient landscapes digitally: the what, the how, the why. (Senate House MakerSpace [book]) (Youtube)
  • Fri, July 12, 2024. Anna Conser (University of Cincinnati), Pitch Accents as Melodic Data in Ancient Greek Texts: Digital Tools for Close and Distant Reading. (Online only) (Youtube)
  • Fri, July 19, 2024. Naomi Scott (University of Bristol), Crowdsourcing a translation of Julius Pollux’s Onomasticon: methods and problems. (Senate House MakerSpace [book]) (Youtube)
  • Fri, July 26, 2024. Valentina Iannace (University of Florence), Matching fragments from the Tebtynis Temple Library “deposit”: preliminary work to develop an AI software, with some examples of Greek documents. (Senate House MakerSpace [book]) (Youtube)

Organised by Katharine Shields (KCL) and Gabriel Bodard (ICS).

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