Minoan Crete in Google Earth

Today I spent some time associating placemarks for Minoan sites with scholarly resources. The file could obviously be developed much further but even now it may have some utility. I posted it to the Google Earth Community forum, whence it may be downloaded and displayed in your copy of GE. In several cases it’s possible to zoom in all the way to visible excavations.
People have asked in the comments section how such a file might be deployed. I plan to try using it in the classroom in the fall, as the portal to texts and images related to the sites we are studying. The choice of “front-end” should place a desirable emphasis on geographic and topographic considerations.

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  1. Hi Ross! I think I might not have been clear enough! What I meant was, how does one actually make it work? How do you actually view the information? I think I worked it out, in that if you open a KMZ file using Google Earth, it comes up in GE with all the place tags. I don’t need to go to the extent of learning how to teach with it, I just want to view all this great work people are doing!

    Am I doing it right?


  2. Ross Scaife says:

    That’s right, just open in Google Earth to have a look.

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