3D Egyptian Archaeology in Second Life

Some very nice 3D recreations of Egyptian buildings and artifacts have been built and showcased in the Themiskyra land in Second Life (the user-led MMORPG). See a Flickr gallery of some of the objects at http://www.flickr.com/photos/pathfinderlinden/sets/72157594214266172/ or teleport straight to Themiskyra from http://slurl.com/secondlife/Themiskyra/72/241/35 (Second Life software required.)

There was some talk of a Roman theatre project moving their 3D buildings into SL at one point, but I’ve never seen it in there. Any news? There’s a lot of scope for this sort of thing.

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3 Responses to 3D Egyptian Archaeology in Second Life

  1. Shawn Graham says:

    I’ve just visited the island. There now seems to be a lot of definitely non-Egyptian things for sale here now..

  2. Gabriel Bodard says:

    The Egyptian temple is still there though, no? I’ve just been to (69,240,36) and there’s still plenty of Egyptian-looking gear.

    Roma is also quite cool. Capitoline Museum has an exhibit on sex in the Roman world which is about as good as you’d expect a popular museum exhibit to be.

  3. Shawn Graham says:

    It’s still there, you’re right. It’s just down the road a touch where things get dodgy. Looks like they just copied the temple, and then filled it up with …things…

    BTW, I’m trying to learn how to build stuff in SL, and intend on recreating some monuments to create a virtual ‘Grand Tour’. 18th century meets 21st! If you see any other good-already-existing places in SL, let me know. There’s a reasonably good theatre in ‘Midnight City’, near the Exploratorium.

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