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Posted at the request of Peter Pavúk:

Dear friends and colleagues.

We would like to invite speakers for our joint session on modern approaches to pottery processing. For full abstract check out the following link, please, but do not hesitate to contact me for any further information:


Processing and analysis of larger amounts of pottery from closed contexts.
The use and limits of different statistic methods.
(a very short abstract)

The purpose of our session is to discuss modern approaches to processing larger amounts of ceramic finds from secure contexts in settlement and necropolis excavations. The focus will be on archaeological praxis and more specifically, on factors that determine the methodological choices made by the researchers under their specific working conditions. In other words: which methodological approach is appropriate for which kind of ceramic material and for which kind of stratigraphic context, especially if the analysis is supposed to be finished in a reasonable amount of time?

We would like to encourage colleagues to present case studies with material of closed complexes illustrating the following points:

–  problems of categorization of different pottery types and the implications that those categories have on the analytical process (decorated fine or special wares, utilitarian wares, coarse wares etc.)

–  methods for answering chronological questions (meaningfulness and limits of different methods)

–  methods for answering social and economic questions  and the problem of the representativeness of a given sample

–  application of different statistical methods, problems in definition of parameters, degree of subjectivity that influences the construction of a database

–  treatment of different functional types of deposits and/or of various depositional processes present on a given site and their incorporation into an overall statistics

Organisers: PETER PAVÚK (Department of Archaeology, Program in Classical archaeology, Comenius University, Gondova 2, SK-81801 Bratislava); BARBARA HOREJS (Schönburgstraße 50/23, A-1040 Wien); REINHARD JUNG (Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Mykenische Kommision, Dr.-Ignaz-Seipel-Platz 2, A-1160 Wien).

The 300 Words abstracts should be submitted till the end of May and will be evaluated before summer 2006. The speakers will eventually be asked to make changes, if necessary, in order to shape the half-day session into a meaningful unit. The contribution itself should not exceed 20 minutes.

Contact: For all correspondence, please contact Peter Pavúk, preferably under

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