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Care to comment on a Greek font?

The Society of Biblcal Literature [SBL] has an interesting model for the development of fonts that are “… attractive and legible on computer screens and in print, include characters and symbols found in critical editions, display complex scripts, and transfer … Continue reading

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Another institution goes open access

The Oriental Institute of The University of Chicago announced a new publication policy yesterday: “Starting in 2005, the Oriental Institute is committed to digitizing all of its publications and making them available online, without charge. The minimum for each volume, … Continue reading

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Folks who recall the now-defunct Argos LASE (limited area search engine) may be interested in Klaus Graf‘s experiments with Rollyo, a site that lets you limit search results to certain sources. Klaus has now created a neo-Latin Rollyo, and an … Continue reading

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The 7th Computers, Literature and Philology (CLiP) conference: ‘Literatures, Languages and Cultural Heritage in a digital world’ Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King’s College London, UK Thursday 29 June – Saturday 1 July 2006 ABOUT CLiP

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“restless, question-driven, active reading”

Gregory Crane, Reading in the Age of Google As staggering as some changes have been over the past twenty-five years, it is difficult to predict what we will be reading in fifteen, ten, or even five years’ time. Subsequent developments … Continue reading

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“not exactly dignified”

Henry Farrell in the CHE: Both group blogs and the many hundreds of individual academic blogs that have been created in the last three years are pioneering something new and exciting. They’re the seeds of a collective conversation, which draws … Continue reading

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After installing Spam Karma 2 (a WordPress plugin), I’ve turned comments on as the default for this blog. We’ll see how it goes…

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The Journal of Electronic Publishing

The Journal of Electronic Publishing is an online journal published by the Michigan University Press. Publisher’s note Electronic publishing is changing the world we live in. It is changing what publishers do. It is changing the way scientists, business people, … Continue reading

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Creative Commons: problems with -NC licenses

Erik Möller, “Are Creative Commons-NC Licenses Harmful?” Podcasting News, October 4, 2005. Excerpt (via Peter Suber): When the Creative Commons project published its first licenses in December 2002, it finally brought a sense of unity behind the free content movement….One … Continue reading

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The Singularity

from Slashdot: Rewind your brain 15 years and imagine what you’d think if I told you: Your computer will be roughly 1,000 faster than what you’re using today. You will probably have more than 4,000 times the memory, and a … Continue reading

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Digital Watch

via Open Access News: Digital Watch is an Open Access online academic journal, which has been created by graduate students in the University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences to offer a forum for the discussion of issues relating to … Continue reading

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The Open Content Alliance

The Open Content Alliance (OCA) represents the collaborative efforts of a group of cultural, technology, nonprofit, and governmental organizations from around the world that will help build a permanent archive of multilingual digitized text and multimedia content. Content in the … Continue reading

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