Another institution goes open access

The Oriental Institute of The University of Chicago announced a new publication policy yesterday: “Starting in 2005, the Oriental Institute is committed to digitizing all of its publications and making them available online, without charge. The minimum for each volume, old and new, current and forthcoming, will be a Portable Document Format (PDF) version following current resolution standards. New publications will appear online at or near the same time they appear in print. Older publications will be processed as time and funding permits”.

A suite of a score of publications is initially available at their page of Electronic Publications On-Line.

As a member of both the Electronic Publications Committee and the Electronic Publications Implementation Committee at the Institute before coming to Athens, I can assure you that the task of the former was much simpler than the latter.

All of these are, of course, indexed in Abzu

Have other institutions done something similar?

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  1. Ross Scaife says:


  2. That’s great news! I hope that more instititutes will follow OI’s example.

  3. Great news! Make me wonder if this kind of thing is worth bringing up at department meetings …

  4. says:

    Thanks for the extra info

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