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Archaeological and Epigraphic interchange and e-Science

Workshop at the e-Science Institute, Edinburgh, February 10-11, 2009 (see programme and registration): Rationale: The meeting will bring technical and editorial researchers participating in, or otherwise engaged with, the IOSPE (Inscriptiones Orae Septentrionalis Ponti Euxini = Ancient Inscriptions of the … Continue reading

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Contribute to the Greek and Latin Treebanks at Perseus!

Posted on behalf of Greg Crane. Link to the Treebank, which provides more information, at the very end of the post. We are currently looking for advanced students of Greek and Latin to contribute syntactic analyses (via a web-based system) … Continue reading

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Registration: 3D Scanning Conference at UCL

Kalliopi Vacharopoulou wrote, via the DigitalClassicist list: I would like to draw to your attention the fact that registration for the 3D Colour Laser Scanning Conference at UCL on the 27th and 28th of March has now opened. The first … Continue reading

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Search Pigeon

Spotted by way of Peter Suber’s Open Access News: Search Pigeon is a collection of Google Co-opTM Custom Search Engines (CSEs) designed to make researching on the web a richer, more rewarding, and more efficient process. Designed for researchers in … Continue reading

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Digital Humanities Tool Survey

In Brett Bobley’s recent email, he alerted us to Susan Schreibman’s survey: Colleagues, Over the past few years, the idea of tool development as a scholarly activity in the digital humanities has been gaining ground. It has been the subject … Continue reading

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Long-term data preservation

There was an article in New Scientist last week on plans for permanent data preservation for the scientific data. The argument in the sciences seems to be that all data should be preserved, as some of it will be from … Continue reading

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Can Amazon succeed where others have found little traction so far?  I already spend so much time reading freely available materials (journal articles, blogs, magazines, reviews) with my trusty Macbook Pro that I feel no need at all for a … Continue reading

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Perseus code goes Open Source!

From Greg Crane comes the much-anticipated word that all of the hopper code and much of the content in Perseus is now officially open sourced: November 9, 2007: o *Install Perseus 4.0 on your computer*: All of the source code … Continue reading

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Slowly, slowly

It’s a shame the JPEG 2000 bandwagon has been creeping along at such a slow pace, but this seems like good news from the LOC.

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In-house machine translation at Google

from Google Blogoscoped: Google switched to a new translation system for the remaining language pairs on the Google Translator which were so far provided by Systran. The translator help files don’t mention this yet, but it might be possible that … Continue reading

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Multiverse & Sketchup: Doom of Second Life?

from Shawn Graham’s Electric Archaeology: From an archaeological point of view, creating 3d representations of a site using Sketchup, and then moving that with the terrain into an online world, with the associated annotations etc could really be revolutionary – … Continue reading

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Fitzpatrick on CommentPress

from Kathleen Fitzpatrick, “CommentPress: New (Social) Structures for New (Networked) Texts,” Journal of Electronic Publishing, Fall 2007: … CommentPress demonstrates the fruitfulness of reimagining the technologies of electronic publishing in service to the social interconnections of authors and readers. The … Continue reading

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posted to the TEI list Wiki2Tei converter 1.0 We are pleased to announce the first release of the Wiki2Tei software. Wiki2Tei is a converter from the mediawiki format to XML (TEI vocabulary). The mediawiki format is used by wikimedia fundation … Continue reading

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Version control, visualized

A nice visual overview of the purposes and mechanisms for version control, from Better Explained.

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UI for Google book search improves

Inside Google Book Search offers an update of “New ways to dig into Book Search.”

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