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Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative and Digital Library Program of UCLA

The Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative and the Digital Library Program of the University of California, Los Angeles, are pleased to announce their successful proposal to the Institute for Museum and Library Services program “National Leadership Grants: Building Digital Resources” for … Continue reading

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Hearing Mojo is not happy: I can’t believe Apple failed to make its iPhone compatible with either hearing aids or cochlear implants. I’m in the market for a mobile phone again and just discovered the lack of compatibility. Given all … Continue reading

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Diamond Synchrotron used to read ancient texts

(Spotted by Gregg Schwender and seen in a Diamond Lab press release.) The ultra-powerful I22 Non-crystalline Diffraction beamline (as best as I understand it an application of the laser particle accellerator that produces highly concentrated pure light for scanning at … Continue reading

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Why I gave up on my university’s email years ago: Along with the neat-o peripheral gizmos like messaging, calendars, and collaboration tools, the outsourced systems are more stable, have better spam filters, and provide much more storage space than the … Continue reading

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Keyboard shortcuts

From liquidicity, keyboard shortcuts for about every character key available on a Mac.

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Who edits Wikipedia?

A very interesting site has been doing the rounds of news and blogs lately, which allows users to trace anonymous edits of Wikipedia articles by comparing to the public record of registered IP addresses. The WikiScanner is itself neutral as … Continue reading

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Learn a foreign language on the cheap

from Lifehacker: The No Thick Manuals wiki details how to learn a language efficiently using two free, open source applications. The first is jVLT (java Vocabulary Learning Tool), a completely cross platform flash card application. The second is StarDict, a … Continue reading

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Slidecast in Slideshare

For the Neo-Latin Colloquia site Dot Porter created a couple of SMIL files to permit simultaneous playback of text and audio via Quicktime.  The new Slidecast feature of Slideshare appears to offer similar functionality with greater ease.

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CommentPress 1.0 released

CommentPress is a free theme for the WordPress blogging engine that allows readers to comment paragraph by paragraph in the margins of a text. Annotate, gloss, workshop, debate: with CommentPress you can do all of these things on a finer-grained … Continue reading

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Forthcoming lectures on arts and humanities e-science

Forwarded from AHESC Arts and Humanites e-Science Support Centre ( The next lectures in the e-Science in the Arts and Humanities Theme (see begin next week. The Theme, organized by the Arts and Humanities e-Science Support Centre (AHeSSC) and … Continue reading

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Paper on Archaeology in Second Life

Shawn Graham (at the Electric Archaeology blog) has uploaded a copy of his paper, at the recent Immersive Worlds conference at Brock. The paper can be downloaded (as a .wav) here: ‘On Second Lives and Past Lifes: Archaeological Thoughts on … Continue reading

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Encyclopedia of Life

The New Scientist this week reports on the Encyclopedia of Life, a new, massive, collaborative, evolving resource to catalogue the 1.8 million known species of life on the planet. Although this is a biology resource and so, for example, has … Continue reading

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Google Earth with Audio

This interesting post over at New Scientist Tech: Bernie Krause has spent 40 years collecting over 3500 hours of sound recordings from all over the world, including bird and whale song and the crackle of melting glaciers. His company, Wild … Continue reading

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Stop teaching historians to use computers!

Bill Turkel has started what looks to be an important and potentially influential thread on the nexus of history and the digital. His opening salvo: Teaching history students how to use computers was a really good idea in the early … Continue reading

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Type Greek

Type Greek is a web-based software tool that converts text from a standard keyboard into beautiful, polytonic Greek characters as you type. Using an easy-to-learn and standardized system called beta code, TypeGreek converts your keystrokes into Unicode-compliant Greek in real-time… … Continue reading

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