Rome was built in a day…

… with hundreds of thousands of digital photos.

University of Washington researchers have developed a computer system to combine tourist photos lifted from the photo-sharing site into a 3D digital model.  Using advanced techniques, they were able to ‘build’ a model of Rome from photos tagged with Rome or Roma in just 21 hours.

Read an article about it  here, and visit the project’s web page here.

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2 Responses to Rome was built in a day…

  1. pompilo says:

    Hello, bgracy. At this moment the link to the URL of the project’s web page doesn’t function, it simply says “404 error”. Did you do some mistake or the page has been moved to another URL? Thanks for the info, anyway.

  2. bgracy says:

    Thank you for posting about the dead link. It used to work; there’s no typo. I would guess that they’re having server problems, though it’s possible that they’ve moved the page for some reason. Trying again later is the best I can recommend. If I find out more, I’ll post it here.

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