International Architecture Database

The Scout Report today includes a description of the International Architecture Database, which includes textual and visual information concerning a few ancient temples. But what I like about the project is its built-in feedback mechanism, called the Pinboard, that apears at the bottom of each entry in the database (“Please use the pinboard only for error reports, corrections and information supply about this entry!”). Surely ALL projects should be doing something similar.

Drawing on the contributions from persons across much of Europe, the International Architecture Database website has served as a valuable clearinghouse for thousands of architectural projects (both built and unrealized) since 1996. Currently, the database contains information on more than 13,000 projects, most from the 20th and 21st centuries. Visitors can begin by browsing the database by name, location, or keyword. Looking at a single record, visitors will be presented with a host of information, such as building type, primary architect, location, years of construction, and in certain cases with external links, photographs, and plans. Looking through the lists of keywords can actually be quite useful, as each keyword is linked to examples that are demonstrative of the idea suggested by the keyword, such as early Gothic or elementary school. Overall, this is a fine resource for those persons who wish to learn a bit more about architecture or for those looking for information on different architectural projects. [KMG]

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