International Seminar of Digital Philology: Edinburgh, March 25-27, 2008

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The e-Science Institute Event Announcement

The e-Science Institute is delighted to host the “The Marriage of Mercury and Philology: Problems and Outcomes in Digital Philology”. The conference welcomes both leading scholars and young researchers working on the problems of textual criticism and editorial scholarship in the electronic medium, as well as students, teachers, librarians, archivists, and computing professionals who are interested in representation, access, exchange, management and conservation of texts.

Organiser: Cinzia Pusceddu
Dates and Time: Tuesday 25th March 09.00 – Thursday 27th March 17.00
Place: e-Science Institute
University of Edinburgh
13-15 South College Street

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In late Antiquity, at the beginning of a new era, Martianus Cappella wrote his “De nuptiis Mercurii et Philologiae” in which he proposed a then revolutionary synthesis of technique (Mercury) and culture (Philology). Inspired by Cappella, this conference will explore the interaction between Information and Communication Technology systems and the philological analysis of both ancient and modern manuscripts and printed texts: in other words Digital Philology.

The discussions at this conference focus on both the theoretical and practical issues encountered in the creation of digital texts and both critical and genetic editions. The implications for research and teaching will be examined and current projects in the field will be presented. The aim of the conference is to approach these issues from an international perspective, in order to establish collaboration in research and teaching, and to provide new contributions to the field as a result. Workshops will provide a forum for discussing experiences, ideas, issues and new tools related to Digital Philology with students.

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