e-Science in the Arts and Humanities

A series of lectures organised by the (UK) Arts and Humanities e-Science Support Centre:
AHeSSC is coordinating a ‘Theme’ entitled ‘e-Science in the Arts and Humanities’ at the e-Science Institute in Edinburgh. For more details click here.

The first phase of the theme’s activities will be a lecture series that will run from April to July 2007. A full programme for these is now available on the e-Science Institute wiki. The lectures are free and open to all (although registration will be required), and will be webcast. More details webcasting and registration will be posted here shortly.

This Theme aims to explore the new challenges for research in the Arts and Humanities, and to define the new research agenda that is made possible by e-Science technology. It will encourage innovation and the pushing back of intellectual boundaries, while seeking to be accessible to and inclusive of those researchers who are not currently engaged in this agenda. The Theme will consider the international context of UK research, and will identify the strategic considerations for researchers, students and funding agencies as this agenda is taken forward.

We will run a series of lectures, workshops and training activities that will present several examples of the advanced grid-based research that is being carried out by, for example, historians, linguists, performers, classicists, art historians and archaeologists. In September there will be an International Expert Seminar to examine aspects of funding and strategy.

(Declaration of interest: I’m speaking at one of these events in June, on Open Source Critical Editions.)
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