British Museum site on Ancient Greece

from The Scout Report:

5. Ancient Greece [Macromedia Flash Player]

Presented with a physical relief map of Greece and its many islands, visitors to the homepage of this site will then be treated to a range of material objects, ranging from masks, urns, and stone tablets. All of these items are part of the British Museum’s vast holdings of materials from ancient Greece, and brought together, they constitute the online website titled “Ancient Greeceâ€?. Previous online collections have presented material from other civilizations, and this assemblage is divided into traditional sections that include geography, time, war, and Athens. While many of the sections follow traditional online collection conventions, there are a number of splendid Flash-enabled features that present a day in the life of the city of Athens, and of course, Plato’s immortal cave. [KMG]

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  1. “splendid Flash enabled features” ?
    When will Flash get completely dropped instead? I find it really annoying. The BM has a good tradition for accessible content, but I don’t like this website.

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