U.S. NEH Announces ‘Digital Humanities Initiative’

NEH has launched a new digital humanities initiative aimed at supporting projects that utilize or study the impact of digital technology … NEH is interested in fostering the growth of digital humanities and lending support to a wide variety of projects, including those that deploy digital technologies and methods to enhance our understanding of a topic or issue; those that study the impact of digital technology on the humanities … and those that digitize important materials thereby increasing the public’s ability to search and access humanities information.

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  1. Not exactly sure how to get this published as a news item, but I think it is worthy, so pass it on. Check out the blog (http://bibleworks.oldinthenew.org/) and/or http://www.handheldclassics.com. The blog for news on how classical Greek texts are available on BibleWorks and the other website for a guy who produced a parsed version of Homer’s works for Palm!

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