Consumer Reports touts Macs …


The December issue of Consumer Reports magazine features Apple’s new iMac G5 on the front cover along with the caption, “Unspectacular results for Intel’s new processor. Plus 59,940 reasons to reconsider Macs. “Inside the issue, Consumer Reports writes, ” In this atmosphere of low expectations, Apple Computer has actually raised its support satisfaction for desktop computers over the past three years to levels well above all competitors, while offering the most reliable desktop hardware. […] Another factor working in Apple’s favor: Macs are vulnerable to few viruses and little spyware because both target mostly Windows-based users. Symantec, maker of Norton AntiVirus, says approximately 60,000 viruses aim at Windows-based PCs, but about 60 target Macs.” Consumer Reports, arguably the most respected consumer ratings publication, recommends the new iMac G5 for “reliability and support.”


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