We are very pleased to announce the publication of the latest Digital Classicist volume, The Digital Classicist 2013, published by the Institute of Classical Studies, London as part of their BICS series.

This edited volume collects together peer-reviewed papers that initially emanated from presentations at Digital Classicist seminars and conference panels.

For full details see the publisher’s site, and the Open Library of the Humanities where the supplement is now open access.

Please ask your library to order a copy.

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6 Responses to BICS Supplement 122: THE DIGITAL CLASSICIST 2013

  1. Simon Mahony says:

    With thanks to the publishers for offprint PDFs to self-archive; the Introduction with full front matter, ToC and abstracts is available here:

  2. Simon Mahony says:

    The offprint for my contribution: ‘HumSlides on Flickr: using an online community platform to host and enhance an image collection’, is available at

  3. Ryan Baumann says:

    I’ve deposited the offprint and preprint of my contribution “The Son of Suda On-Line” in my institutional repository at:
    In addition to making it available on GitHub:

  4. Elton Barker says:

    I’ve deposited the offprint of our contribution at my institutional repository here:

    It’s also available on

  5. Sebastian Rahtz says:

    The Oxford University research archive contains the offprint of Matthews and Rahtz article about the Lexicon of Greek Personal Names, at

  6. Stuart Dunn says:

    Here is the link to the chapter written by myself and Valentina Asciutti, ‘Connecting the Classics: A case study of Collective Intelligence in Classical Studies’:

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