Computer games as learning tools

Several articles collected by CIT:

“Meet the Gamers” By Kurt Squire & Constance Steinkuehler Library, April 15, 2005
“In the past, librarians have often been perceived as gatekeepers, arbiters of access to information. The digital cultures now emerging (with the help of technologies such as games) suggest that the days for such an institutional role are numbered.”

“Gaming for Librarians: An Introduction” By Heather Wilson VOYA, February 2005
“[P]eople lament the fact that teens are playing video games and not reading. They are missing the point. Gaming often requires reading, problem-solving, and critical thinking.”

“The Games Children Play” 30-minute video produced by School Matters
Video advocating the use of games in education, featuring interviews with Henry Jenkins, director of comparative media studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Jim Gee, professor of education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“Video Games and the Future of Learning” By David Williamson Shaffer, Kurt R. Squire, Richard Halverson, and James P. Gee December 2004
“[W]e describe an approach to the design of learning environments that builds on the educational properties of games, but deeply grounds them within a theory of learning appropriate for an age marked by the power of new technologies. We argue that to understand the future of learning, we have to look beyond schools to the emerging arena of video games.”

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