CHLT summary in D-Lib

See Jeff Rydberg-Cox, “The Cultural Heritage Language Technologies Consortium,” D-Lib Magazine 11.5 (May 2005):

1. Introduction

For the past three years, the Cultural Heritage Language Technologies consortium – situated at eight institutions in four countries – has received funding from the National Science Foundation and the European Commission International Digital Libraries program to engage in research about the most effective ways to apply technologies and techniques from the fields of computational linguistics, natural language processing, and information retrieval technologies to challenges faced by students and scholars who are working with texts written in Greek, Latin, and Old Norse. In its broadest terms, our work has focused in four primary areas: 1) providing access to primary source materials that are often rare and fragile, 2) helping readers understand texts written in difficult languages, 3) enabling researchers to conduct new types of scholarship, and 4) preserving digital resources for the future. Our research has produced concrete results in each of these areas…


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