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As Gregg Schwendner pointed out a few weeks ago on the What’s New in Papyrology blog, Brill have brought out a new CD-ROM version of the Berichtigungsliste der Griechischen Papyrusurkunden aus Ägypten (vol I-XI). From the publisher’s website: With the … Continue reading

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Diamond Synchrotron used to read ancient texts

(Spotted by Gregg Schwender and seen in a Diamond Lab press release.) The ultra-powerful I22 Non-crystalline Diffraction beamline (as best as I understand it an application of the laser particle accellerator that produces highly concentrated pure light for scanning at … Continue reading

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BASP licensing

In a post yesterday I complained that I couldn’t find a license statement associated with the newly announced online version of the Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists. Gregg Schwendner had a look and found it. The table-of-contents view … Continue reading

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Computers in Papyrology and Paleography

A message from Professor Roger Boyle [roger@comp.leeds.ac.uk], Head of the School of Computing, University of Leeds. Dear all – I have been asked by the British Machine Vision Association to consider running a day on “Computers in Papyrology and Paleography” … Continue reading

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New blog for Papyrology news

A message from G. Schwendner (Wichita State University): I am putting up a weblog to keep track of new publications, announcements etc. in papyrology (my field). We see these, for the most part, on the Papy-list, but the archives are … Continue reading

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