Computers in Papyrology and Paleography

A message from Professor Roger Boyle [], Head of the School of Computing, University of Leeds.

Dear all –

I have been asked by the British Machine Vision Association to consider running a day on “Computers in Papyrology and Paleography” – specifically the use of computer imaging and image processing. The definitions for the day can be interpreted very broadly.

Such a day would probably run in Leeds, probably in late 07/early 08.

This message goes to a provisional list of those who may be interested (full list follows this message). Can I ask

  1. Might you be interested?
  2. If so, might you be prepared to contribute a paper?
  3. Might you be able to nominate a keynote speaker [perhaps yourself :-)]?

I would be grateful if you could forward this message to anyone you feel might like to receive it, and to let me know of any gross omissions.

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  1. Paula Veiga says:

    Yes I would be interested. I do research in ancient Egypt medicine and I need help with reading ancient Coptic and Greek letters carved in gemstone; and also a database on words provided by medical papyri would be a great idea…Just a thought… I would be willing to participate.

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