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posted to the TEI list Wiki2Tei converter 1.0 We are pleased to announce the first release of the Wiki2Tei software. Wiki2Tei is a converter from the mediawiki format to XML (TEI vocabulary). The mediawiki format is used by wikimedia fundation … Continue reading

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Instant-on startup screens

Ashlee Vance (by way of Siva Vaidhyanatha) discusses Splashtop from DeviceVM: … one must suspect that Microsoft is none too pleased to see a plucky start-up trying to gain first touch with customers. It could be very frustrating for Redmond … Continue reading

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Mutatis mutandis

Laura Cohen’s post at Library 2.0: an academic’s perspective sets out some reasons for a “training wheels culture” in librarianship. I think folks in the humanities will recognize the syndrome as well: Experience. If you’ve had little experience learning technology … Continue reading

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More like this, please

From A. A. Adams, Copyright and research: an archivangelist’s perspective, SCRIPT-ed, September 2007: To be an academic carries with it a great deal of freedom, or at least it should. At a time when pressures on academic freedom are rife, … Continue reading

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English-Latin-English dictionaries

from the mailbag: My name is Silvio and I’ve recently concluded a set of English-Latin-English dictionaries which I thought you could be interested in sharing with your site’s visitors. The dictionaries provide clear and precise translations and are absolutely free … Continue reading

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from the CHE: Latin Lovers Flock to Vicipaedia It’s taken only a few years for Wikipedia to become one of the world’s most translated documents: Sections of the site now appear in about 250 languages, including regional dialects like Quechua, … Continue reading

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… and Why We Should Worry

Siva Vaidhyanathan has posted on his blog, the Googlization of Everything, an interview he did with a Charlottesville newspaper. The interview reveals some of his concerns about Google. An example: More than 20 big university libraries have signed contracts with … Continue reading

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Wikipedia’s Awkward Adolescence

Thoughtful new critique by Karen G. Schneider (of Free Range Librarian) in CIO: Like a startup maturing into a real business, Wikipedia’s corporate culture seems conflicted between its role as a harmless nouveau-digital experiment and its broader ambitions. Worth a … Continue reading

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