More like this, please

From A. A. Adams, Copyright and research: an archivangelist’s perspective, SCRIPT-ed, September 2007:

To be an academic carries with it a great deal of freedom, or at least it should. At a time when pressures on academic freedom are rife, everywhere from Australia to Zimbabwe, academics should be confronting the responsibilities that go with their cherished and fought-for freedoms. That responsibility is to disseminate one’s work as widely as possible, to hold it up for criticism and to allow others to build on it. To do so demands that we hold Open Access to our articles as a categorical imperative and not allow the tail of academic publishing to wag the dog of academic communication.

(Hat tip, Peter Suber.) 

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  1. Right on! I don’t know if it’s a dog or not but my colleague Billur Tekkök and I are making a start in contributing to open scholarship. Our jointly edited publication “Greek, Roman and Byzantine Pottery at Ilion (Troia)” – – appears as both a web-site and a Creative Commons licensed PDF. Some may ask, “why not cc the whole thing?” Answer: the specific goal were trying to achieve is that if you do download the pdf, we want you to be free to archive and/or redistribute it. This emphasizes the role of cc in creating an explicit legal environment for scholarly work. We don’t (yet) see the html pages as a stable entity that needs to accommodate permanence. That will come when we’re “done”.

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