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Creative Commons and research

A post on the Creative Commons blog draws together four articles on the value of Creative Commons licensing for newspapers, scientists, film students, and Wikipedia “SEOers” respectively. All are worth reading, but it is the article on scientists that is … Continue reading

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Fair use and blogs

This post seen in the Creative Commons blog is relevant to the discussion we had here a few weeks ago about copyright and blogs. What is the status of all these copy-n-pasted paragraphs below? Copyright and fair use in the … Continue reading

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Junicode update released

Keeping with the Unicode/font theme, here is the announcement of the latest release of the useful Junicode font package. Although it focuses on Medieval characters (Correction: and *does* now cover polytonic Greek) is has very good coverage of Latin, symbols, … Continue reading

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Type Greek

Type Greek is a web-based software tool that converts text from a standard keyboard into beautiful, polytonic Greek characters as you type. Using an easy-to-learn and standardized system called beta code, TypeGreek converts your keystrokes into Unicode-compliant Greek in real-time… … Continue reading

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Social Scholarship on the Rise

Laura Cohen on her Library 2.0 blog offers a useful set of criteria for thinking about social scholarship: As an academic librarian, I’ve been trying to get a handle on the emerging parameters of social scholarship. This is the practice … Continue reading

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