Type Greek

Type Greek is a web-based software tool that converts text from a standard keyboard into beautiful, polytonic Greek characters as you type. Using an easy-to-learn and standardized system called beta code, TypeGreek converts your keystrokes into Unicode-compliant Greek in real-time… The TypeGreek code is released under a Creative Commons license, so you are free to download it, modify it, or host it on your own site.

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  1. MacGeek says:

    This comes ten years too late. Any Mac can churn out “beautiful, polytonic Greek characters” using an easy-to-learn and standardized system called a keyboard layout, which happens to be nearly identical to the one employed by X11 and thus almost all *nix boxen. Windows supports polytonic Greek as well; I believe it has since at least XP (but who keeps up with Windows nowadays?). You want diacritical marks? Any of the major operating systems will give you acute, grave, circumflex, subscripts, breathings, and obscure characters like koppas and digammata. All you need is a Unicode font, which you also need for Type Greek, and enough sense to read a help manual to learn how to turn on alternate keyboard layouts. Personally, I find typing directly in polytonic Greek on my Mac far easier than trying to decipher the beta code for getting Perseus’ wobbly morphological tools interface to work. Back when GreekKeys was hot, TypeGreek would have been cute to put on a web page. Now, it’s really not that useful, and it’s likely to distract readers from realizing the power of their operating systems.

  2. Ross Scaife says:

    Who’s MacGeek? What’s up with the anonymous posting?

  3. Last summer, I was underwhelmed with my PC’s support of polytonic Greek, so I made a bitmap browser font for it. It’s based on Verdana’s shapes, and converts Beta Code using a little bit of Javascript.

    (Also, if you want to write HTML and use the font, there’s a single javascript file to include, and then you get a new tag, , for writing beta code that converts when the page loads.)

  4. Chris Christodoulou says:

    You may now combine Typegreek with the famous Hotpotatoes application.
    Just edit your forms and call the funtions e.g.: onKeyPress=”return convertCharToggle(this, true, event);” onKeyUp=”return convertStr( this, event );”

    Please check my “experiments” here…

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