Digital Humanities Conference Schedule

There are a number of sessions and individual papers that will be of interest to Digital Classicists scheduled for the Digital Humanities 2009 conference, next Tuesday-Thursday, June 23-25 at the University of Maryland. There are many, many more than I’m listing here, the complete schedule is online:

Tuesday, June 23

Benjamin Banneker Room
Chair: Dot Porter

Towards an Interpretation Support System for Reading Ancient Documents
Henriette Roued Olsen, Segolene Tarte, Melissa Terras, Michael Brady, Alan Bowman

Image as Markup: Adding Semantics to Manuscript Images
Hugh Cayless

Computer-Aided Palaeography, Present and Future
Peter A. Stokes


Margaret Brent Room
Chair: Patrick Juola

Medieval scribes in parts of speech (paper #3)
Karina van Dalen-Oskam

Benjamin Banneker Room
Chair: Paul Caton

Creating a Composite Cultural Heritage Artifact – the Digital Object
Fenella G. France, Eric F. Hansen, Michael B. Toth

On-site Scanning of 3D Manuscripts
Timothy H. Brom, James Griffioen, W. Brent Seales

The Ghost in the Manuscript: Hyperspectral Text Recovery and Segmentation
Patrick Shiel, John G. Keating, Malte Rehbein,

Juan Ramon Jimenez Room
Chair: Elisabeth Burr

Integrating Images and Text with Common Data and Metadata Standards in the Archimedes Palimpsest (paper #1)
Doug Emery, Michael B. Toth

Wednesday, June 24

Juan Ramon Jimenez Room
Chair: Dino Buzzetti

MAPS: Manuscript map Annotation and Presentation System
Charles van den Heuvel

Manuscript Annotation in Space and Time
Erica Fretwell

The Atlas of Early Printing: Digital History and Book History
Gregory J. Prickman

Thursday, June 25

Charles Carroll Room

Digital Classicist: Re-use of Open Source and Open Access Publications in Ancient Studies
Gabriel Bodard, C. W. Blackwell, Tobias Blanke, Tom Elliott, Sean Gillies, Mark Hedges, D. N. Smith

Charles Carroll Room

Funding the Digital Humanities
Moderator: Neil Fraistat, Director, MITH, Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities

Discussion with officers from the NEH, Mellon, IMLS, SSHRCC (Canada), NSF, DFG (Germany), AHRC (UK)

Session #2, 3:30-4:00pm, Tuesday June 23rd

Implementing Greek Morphology
Helma Dik, Richard Whaling

Digital Editions for Corpus Linguistics: Encoding Abbreviations in TEI XML Mark-up
Alpo Honkapohja

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