Digital Humanities from the horse’s mouth…

L’Observatoire Critique have posted a series of interviews recorded at the recent Digital Humanities conference in Oulu, Finland. Two questions were posed of each respondent:

First Question. What are your colleagues (in your department, in your university, or in your disciplinary specialty) thinking of your involvement in Digital Humanities and of your interest for technology and the new digital tools?
Second Question. Do you think that the Digital Humanities represent a new and distinct disciplinary area?

Several of the respondents are classicists or archaeologists with some connection to the Digital Classicist. All of the answers contribute to the ongoing discussion on the topic of our (inter-)disciplinarity and role within the academy.

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  1. Sorry guys,
    that was an editing mistake. It still needs some refining before publication. But it should be online before the end of the week, with a review of DH2008 and many other great material. Be sure to come back later… ‘You can always subscribe to our newsletter)

  2. Apologies for linking to your blog post before it was ready. I’m delighted to see that the article has now reappeared at the URL above, and the audio responses can once again be enjoyed.

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