A note from the blog editors

The authors and editors of the Stoa blog have been hesitant to post a new item to this blog that would take the obituary and memorial to Ross Scaife off the top of the page. However, we are determined that the blogging should go on, and that this site should continue to serve the functions for which Ross founded it.

This blog exists to report, highlight, and comment upon issues of interest to Classicists and Digital Humanists (since 2005 it has also been the official blog of the Digital Classicist community). Its core themes include digital research and publication, events, publications and jobs. We place particular focus on standards, Open Access, Open Source, and other issues that are vital to the future of our fields.

We are in communication with the Stoa Advisory Board, whose members are communicating with the various Stoa project leaders concerning steps for the maintenance and preservation of Stoa content. As their plans formalize, we will report on them here.

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