Signs that social scholarship is catching on in the humanities

By way of Peter Suber’s Open Access News:

Spiro, Lisa. “Signs that social scholarship is catching on in the humanities.” Digital Scholarship in the Humanities, March 11, 2008.

Spiro asks: “To what extent are humanities researchers practicing ‘social scholarship’ … embracing openness, accessibility and collaboration in producing their work?” By way of a provisional answer, she makes observations about “several [recent] trends that suggest increasing experimentation with collaborative tools and approaches in the humanities:”

  1. Individual commitment by scholars to open access
  2. Development of open access publishing outlets
  3. Availability of tools to support collaboration
  4. Experiments with social peer review
  5. Development of social networks to support open exchanges of knowledge
  6. Support for collaboration by funding agencies
  7. Increased emphasis on “community” as key part of graduate education

She also points to the “growth in blogging” and the proliferation of collaborative bibliographic tools.

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