CFP: Virtual Worlds: Libraries, Education and Museums

Gabriel Bodard just posted a call for papers for a “virtual worlds” conference, to be held in Second Life on 8 March 2008. You can read the full CFP in the Digital Classicist Archive. I find it unfortunate that the conference organizers (Bodard is not one) have chosen to organize and publicize the conference via a facebook group that requires interested parties to log in just to read about the event.

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  1. Man, you’re right. That choice is pretty bad. I should have been a good test-case for this problem, as I think I’m one of the last digital humanists I know without a FB account.

    In addition to requiring login (Bugmenot won’t work on this link), this conference announcement cannot be Googled or found by accident, will not be spidered or archived by any of the major web crawlers, and does not form part of the web 1.0 landscape, much less any later models. That’s a step backward.

    Anyone going to tell Peters and co about this?

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