Advisory board for cyberinfrastructure for archaeology

Eric Kansa just posted this on the Digging Digitally blog, a collaborative organization involving a consortium of five institutions has asked for the assistance of the Digital Data Interest Group in filling positions on an advisory board that will help shape and guide the emerging cyberinfrastructure for archaeology. Such an infrastructure will facilitate integrated access to distributed archaeological data sources including databases (spatial and aspatial), textual resources (gray literature, articles), images, and other media. This group believes that such a cyberinfrastructure must embrace archaeology done in both academic and applied contexts. Interoperability will be an important priority, both internationally and with related disciplines. has been awarded a 1 year planning grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in order to develop a large scale implementation proposal. is partnering with the SAA to guide and steer work toward these important goals. Keith Kintigh and Dean Snow have requested that the Digital Data Interest Group nominate four individuals for “at-large” positions on the disciplinary advisory board of…”

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