Virtual Congress on Textual Editing

Forwarded from Humanist:

The second virtual congress of [the Romance Literature Department, University of Lisbon] on Textual Editing, begins next Monday, 16th of April. Soon, you will be able to know the announced lectures and papers , as well as to participate in the discussion.

In the same day, it will be inaugurated the virtual exhibition Masterpieces of the World Literature. The Beginning . Be prepared for a travel by the intimacy of literature, from the 20th century B.C. to the 20th century A.D.; from Spain to Portugal, crossing Greece, Poland, Israel, China, Japan, Chile, Brazil etc.

The music by Mário Laginha and Maria João will keep you company while you’ll observe the writing in plank of clay of Gilgamesh or many versions of a poem of Eugénio de Andrade; the writing of the Confucius’s Analects or that of the Leopardi’s poems etc. It will also be a precious opportunity to observe the palimpsest involving the Confessions of St. Augustine and Pliny’s Natural History.

Ângela Correia & Cristina Sobral

Departamento de Literaturas Românicas
Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa

I may be missing something in the announcement, but it was not immediately obvious to me what technologies were being used to participate in this “Virtual Congress” (apart from email). An interesting event, in any case.

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