Chiron web: collaborative Classics

A very welcome announcement in the mail today:

I would like to communicate with you the birth of a new collaborative site, so that you can announce it at

Name: Chiron

The site is made by (and for) Spanish teachers of Greek and Latin in Secondary Schools. There are several similar sites ( and others), but the distinctiveness of this one is that it is focused to the easy collaboration that new tools (web 2.0) bring to all of us. We provide, with Creative Commons license (as possible):

– blogs aggregation,
– a list of web resources (in a wiki),
– a social tagger (blinklist),
– a repository of images (flickr),
– some courses in Moodle,
– a Google calendar.

The site was born 2 months ago and ints contents and users are rising. As an example, we have collected more than a thousand images with Creative Commons license ready to download. We are testing a Forum at: were you could see the “making of” of the site for the past two weeks, in Spanish of course.

Perhaps this new site could encourage other teachers to build some similar sites in other countries and languages.

José M. Ciordia

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