from the mailbag:

Dear Prof. Scaife,

I forward to you as editor of the Stoa Consortium the announcement of the launch of Intute, a free online service that may be of interest to the readers of the blog. Intute publishes reviews of Internet resources useful to the academic community (both staff and students) and includes sections such as ‘Classics’; ‘Archaeology’ and ‘History’. The service replaces Humbul and as its predecessor is managed by a team at the University of Oxford, UK. The service is aimed at the UK academic community but is freely available to everybody. Readers are also invited to submit Web sites for review using the form on the site or, for resources regarding archaeology, emailing me at

A service offered by Intute that may be particularly helpful to lecturers or tutors is MyIntute. It is possible to use it to prepare and distribute (to students or anybody else) lists of reviewed Internet resources that may complement existing bibliographies or easily import them in websites.
Best Regards,

Andrea Vianello

Dr Andrea Vianello MA PhD
Subject reviewer in archaeology
Intute – Oxford University

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