The Colors of Clay

from the Scout Report today:

14. The Colors of Clay: Special Techniques in Athenian Vases [Macromedia Flash Player]

This web exhibition from The Getty takes you on a gently guided tour of the various ways in which Athenian vase painters decorated clay vessels between 550 and 340 B.C. Eight styles and techniques are explored: Bilingual, Coral Red, Six’s Technique, Added Clay and Gilding, Outline Drawing, White Ground, Plastic, and Kerch Style. Zoomable images of artifacts, textual captions, and, in a few cases, audio curators’ commentary are used at the site to explain the eight techniques. Learn, for example, that the Bilingual style is called that because pieces have red-figure painting on one side, and black-figure painting on the other, hence they are bilingual. Coral Red was only used for a short time, and by only a few workshops, but this type of piece was prized since the color was enhanced by wine. [DS]

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