Dynamic Maps

from Humanist:

A new issue of Human IT is now available on the Web at http://www.hb.se/bhs/ith/3-8/

This issue’s theme is Dynamic maps, and it is guest edited by Patrik Svensson.

Digital maps offer exciting new possibilities for humanities and social sciences research. The contributions in this issue provide several good examples of how maps and visualisations can be used both to support research and to provide interesting results and end-products, useful to people within as well as outside of the academic world. The articles present new approaches to interfaces to geographical and social information, methods for linking spatial and temporal data, and a presentation of an artistic project involving political maps.


* Zachary Devereaux & Stan Ruecker, “Online Issue Mapping of International News and Information Design.” [Refereed section]
* William E. Cartwright, “Exploring Games and Gameplay as a Means of Accessing and Using Geographical Information.” [Open section]
* Martyn Jessop, “Dynamic Maps in Humanities Computing.” [Open section]
* Jeannette L Zerneke, Michael K. Buckland & Kim Carl, “Temporally Dynamic Maps: The Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative Experience.” [Open section]
* Jan Svenungsson, “Controlled Production of Virtual Geo-political Reality through Failure.” [People & Opinions]

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