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From the TEI list, announcement by Edward Vanhoutte of a new project to teach TEI markup:

At the Centre for Scholarly Editing and Document Studies of the Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature (Belgium) we’re currently working on a set of on-line TEI tutorials, branded ‘TEI by Example’ which will become available in Fall 2006. The work is sponsored by King’s College London and the project is managed by Melissa Terras (SLAIS-UCL) and myself. Project officer is Ron Van den Branden. I copy from the project description:

The aims of the project are:

* the creation and on-line delivery of a TEI by example course for
teaching TEI in higher education and workshops.
* the creation and on-line delivery of a software toolkit for teaching text encoding
* the documentation of the methodology, workflow and findings of the project in a project report

The deliverables of the project are:

* on-line tutorials TEI by example
* a printable PDF version of the tutorials TEI by example
* an on-line software toolkit for text encoding
* a downloadable CD-ROM image for burning off-line toolkits for use by course participants
* a project report which could be published in the project reports section of LLC or DHQ, and on the ALLC website

The deliverables will be published and hosted by CCH (King’s College London) under endorsement by the ALLC.

Please consult http://www.teibyexample.org for the latest on the project.

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