infernal machines

As an element of a grant proposal in the works, I just totted up current Stoa Consortium resources available here at UK:

  • Over in the Center for Computational Sciences in McVey Hall, we maintain two production servers and two development servers, all running the Linux OS. Our CVS is implemented on one of the development boxes. The other development machine has certain handy tools for working with relational databases (phpMyAdmin, phpPgAdmin, MySiteMaker). One production machine is dedicated to serving images with Gallery software. The main production server offers Apache, PostgreSQL, MySQL, QDDB, Java, Tomcat, and Cocoon, inter alia. Data on our servers receive nightly backup services courtesy of the CCS.
  • In our lab in the Patterson Office Tower we have three workstations, including one new dual processor G5 Macintosh with 19″ LCD display, one new dual-booting Linux/Windows XP Dell laptop, and a Macintosh G4 Powerbook laptop. These machines have XML editors, CVS clients, and image editors installed, along with much else.
  • We use a simple iSight for videoconferencing with colleagues, and if we need stronger magic, elsewhere on campus we can use a large screen PolyCom or even the Access Grid.
  • We have free access to high-end sheet feed scanners and Prime Recognition OCR on campus.

A modest list by comparison with many other digital library shops, perhaps, but OTOH these are all powerful tools that can provide a lot of leverage. If you’ve got a Classics-related Open Access publication in mind, let’s talk.

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