Rome Total War

Patrick Porter of Oxblog likes it:

Desperate to invade Egypt, my faction of the Brutii kept getting its navy sunk. I couldn’t transport my battle-hungry legions from Crete to North Africa. So I had to build a bigger navy. Which I couldn’t do as quickly as the seaborne predators of Pontus, Thrace and indeed Egypt. So I had to get the Pontic and Thracian folk to make peace. But they refused, underestimating the demonic will to power of my faction. So I had to batter the Pontic and Thracian powers into accepting a ceasefire, so I could build a navy, so I could invade Egypt. Then a freak storm sunk half my navy including a senior faction heavy. Peace in the Mediterranean lake was never guaranteed then, of course.

Meanwhile, a whole province went into chaos when my client king was assassinated by a Thracian agent. All of this is designed to culminate in a civil war at the end of the game, between the different Roman factions. As in life, several interlocking random and/or systemic developments can ruin your whole day.

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  1. Ioannis says:

    For a moment, I captured Rome itself and all I needed was to conquer 17 more provinces. Not an easy task of course!!!

  2. Caesar says:

    I’ve managed to capture every province on the map. Of course once you capture so many your only real worry is rebellion, as no other faction can match your military dominance. For me it was pretty much essential to make sure i had a decent military building facility in every province so you could build things up when public support started to fall. Also if you fight smart you can pull off some amazingly lopsided victories. These key points helped me go a long ways—battle-strategy-guide.html

  3. Gauls! says:

    I chose the Gauls for my faction…and have conquered half of the Roman empire, including Rome itself the Julii faction and most of the Scipii faction. i only have yet to conquer Spain…and soon move on into Africa. After taking the last two provinces then i can move into west Africa with navy power and into Egypt with solid armies. Everything is going quite well besides a rebellion at my old capitol… I guess they didn’t like the idea of not being my capitol city.

    Also has anyone noticed that the Greeks never make it? They always are in my first five faction deaths… Is this because Rome took the Greeks in real life or is this just me here?

  4. greek says:

    i’m not sure why the greeks die on your game becuase i’m playing as them and i’ve killed bruti macidonia have 2 provinces left and i’ve only got to kill scipli last city then i’m onto rome but i want to know how do you defeat that huge roman armie

  5. Rome says:

    HELP! I have overthrown the Roman senate and aside from one egyptian city and some scattered rebels the only factions that remain are Brutii Scipii and myself however when brutii attacked me the game still showed them as my allies (Despite the massacre of two of my cities Vicus gothi and Acquincium) When I tried to retaliate the game told me that I did not have enough popular support to attack rome, despite the fact I had already overthrown the senate and I was not allowed to attack the house of brutii if anyone has had this problem or knows how to fix it I would much appreciate the help

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