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New in Humbul:

Nexus (ISSN 1522-4600) is an online journal on architecture and mathematics, which contains a number of research papers on ancient architecture. Architecture, mathematics, perspective, and landscape formation are the most frequently recurring topics. Among the papers of possible interest to archaeologists are: ‘Mathematics, Astronomy, and Sacred Landscape in the Inka Heartland’; ‘The Education of the Classical Architect from Plato to Vitruvius’; ‘The Indefinite Dyad and the Golden Section: Uncovering Plato’s Second Principle’; ‘Philosophy and Science of Music in Ancient Greece: The Predecessors of Pythagoras and their Contribution’; ‘The Arithmetic of Nicomachus of Gerasa and its Applications to Systems of Proportion’; ‘Euclidism and Theory of Architecture’; and ‘How Should We Measure an Ancient Structure?’ The published titles cover classical architecture and its reception during the Italian Renaissance and other modern periods, as well as ancient science and mathematics. There are general papers on architecture and applied optics that may be useful to archaeologists studying ancient art and architecture. The journal also publishes reviews, and a selection of the papers are reprinted in the paper edition of the journal.

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