The Journal of Maps

From the Journal of Maps website:

The Journal of Maps [(ISSN 1744-5647)] is a new inter-disciplinary online, electronic, journal that aims to provide a forum for researchers to publish their maps. Using full peer review and a reverse publishing method (where the author pays for the review process), all published maps will be freely distributed to anyone wishing to view them.

JoM’s mission is to provide a mechanism for publishing (at low cost) the original fieldwork and observational phenomena that form the underpinning for the results and conclusions that are now normally the only published output from geographic research efforts (costs for outsize printing and color being prohibitive).

JoM requires prospective contributors to assent to a licensing agreement wherein, among other things, contributors assert their own copyright (JoM then assumes joint copyright on the map as published) and grant JoM permission to republish. All the resulting material published by JoM
carries a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 license. Articles to accompany the maps published by JoM are limited in length

(~1000-2000 words), describing the data presented in the map and any pertinent techniques used during the collection/mapping process … [the editors] strongly support the publication of articles elsewhere interpreting or referring to any materials published in JoM (see further: Submission policy)

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