Text movies for two neo-Latin colloquia

Dot Porter, Program Coordinator for RCH at UK, has assembled QuickTime movies for certain colloquia (text and audio combined via SMIL files):

Technically I suppose these aren’t really text movies as Apple defines them, since our text actually appears via a succession of screen shot graphics, due to the fact that QuickTime seemed recalcitrant about combined English and Greek Unicode characters when Dot tried synchronizing a time-stamped text file with the audio as a .mov file. Anyway, do let us know what you think, please. Firefox will play these movies on both Mac and Windows computers equipped with QuickTime, but we’ve noticed that the display window acts up a little.

Also, we’ve set up an organizational page for our various new colloquia materials, and today we released four new podcasts.

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2 Responses to Text movies for two neo-Latin colloquia

  1. Dot Porter says:

    If you have a slow internet connection, you may not be able to view the embedded presentation. In this case (until I figure out something better), please download the accompanying .zip file, which you can play from your local machine. Other questions or suggestions, please post them here. Thanks!

  2. Dot Porter says:

    Okay, I’ve modified the projects so they no longer play automatically. If you have a slow connection, wait until the project is downloaded completely before playing it. I’m working on limiting the size of the audio file, which should help too.

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